1-DollsHouseA Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen (translation by Michael Meyer)
October 11, 2017 – October 21, 2017
Director: Alex Hawkins

There are two protagonists in Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House:  Nora Helmer, and Nils Krogstad.  They face a common adversary — society’s casual value judgment based on sentimentality.  Both are guilty of the same crime — fraud by means of forgery.  So is it fair that we see Nora as noble, and Krogstad as a villain?  Is Ibsen making us face our own hypocrisy?  Are Nora and Krogstad, when pressed by desperation, justified in violating the Victorian conventions that have bound them?  Are they right when they choose their new lives of personal freedom at the expense of tradition and custom?


Nora Helmer – Nicole English
Anne-Marie – Leslie Caffaro
Torvald Helmer – Tim Marriott
Mrs. Christine Linde – Marsha Amanova
Nils Krogstad – Dave Wolkowski
Dr. Peter Rank – Dale Wilson
Creative Team:
Alex Hawkins – Director
John Anderson – Assistant Director
JOAN HAWKINS – Set Designer/ Master Painter
Geri Drittich- Costume Designer
Jackie Lotery – Production Manager
Cassie Duval – Stage Manager
Pierre Valois – Master Builder
Alayna Hunchak – Props Master
Richard Hatfield- Technical Advisor/Lighting Designer

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