1RedBy John Logan
Directed by Bethany Hughes
On Stage: October 12-22, 2016

John Logan’s Red follows the apprenticeship of Ken, a young painter, under the volatile and famous abstract expressionist Mark Rothko.  He mixes paint, runs errands, and cleans brushes, but he ends up being the audience for Rothko’s beliefs about art and the world.  When Rothko is commissioned to produce a grand piece of art, Ken turns the table on Rothko and his beliefs.

“There is only one thing I fear in life, my friend… One day the black will swallow the red.”


Rothko – Mark Finlay
Ken – Ben Osgood

Creative Team:
Director – Bethany Hughes
Mentor Director – Sarah Van Tassel
Stage Manager – Anglia Redding
Production Manager – Catherine Wenschlag
Set Designer – Joan Hawkins
Light Designer – Brad Melrose
Sound Designer – Daniel Belland
Costume Designer – Geri Dittrich
Props Manager – TBA
Assistant Stage Manager – TBA
LX Operator – Laura Ly
Sound Operator – TBA
Master Builder – Alan Westen
Master Painter – TBA



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