4MilliBy Gary Kirkham
Directed by Liz Cook
On Stage: Apr. 5-15, 2017

Based on a true story, a chance meeting between the Duke of Windsor, Edward VIII, and Milli in her home of Galt, Ontario, leads to a merry war of wits and, eventually, love. In Milli, Edward sees escape from a life of obligation and duty, but Milli is not so quickly captivated by the dashing Duke. Will she succumb to his charms?

The romantic comedy Queen Milli of Galt is Walterdale’s donor-voted show for this season.

“I have the most dreadful news. I believe I just might love you! Yes I know, it’s terribly sad, and simply horrid and, and, worse yet…True.”

Queen Milli of Galt – Cast and Production Team



Milli: Stephanie O’Neill
Edward: Owen Emblau
Mona: Lauren Tamke
Mrs. Milroy: Anne-Marie Smyth
Godfrey: Robert Klakowich

Production Team:


Liz Cook – Director
Paula Blanco Longa – Assistant Director
Anne Marie Szucs – Mentor Director
Laura Young – Stage Manager
Glenn Cook – Production Manager
Catherine Wenschlag – Mentor PM
Jim Herchak – Set Designer
Roy Jackson – Lighting Designer
Phil Kreisel – Sound Designer
Geri Dittrich – Costume Co-Designer
Karin Lauderdale – Costume Co-Designer/Director of Production
Alayna Hunchak – Props Master
Louise Mallory – Assistant Stage Manager
Lighting Operator – TBA
Mark Richards – Sound Operator
Richard Hatfield – Master Builder
Joan Hawkins – Co-Master Painter
Kimberly North – Co-Master Painter

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