Boeing Boeing by Marc Camoletti

BBSliderTranslated by Beverley Cross and Francis Evans
Directed by Lauren Tamke
On Stage: Feb. 3-13, 2016

Bernard is one lucky 60s bachelor. He is engaged to three beautiful air hostesses who will never meet thanks to his relationship bible – the airline timetable. But, when a speedy new Boeing and a storm cause the women to have simultaneous layovers, Bernard’s unwitting friend, Robert, gets caught up in his own lies and futile attempts to conceal Bernard’s polygamy. There’s a 100% chance of turbulence in Bernard’s crowded Parisian loft.

“Fiancées are much more friendly than wives. And you don’t need all that many. I do very well with three.”

Gretchen – Carrie Candy
Gloria – Vina Nguyen
Gabriella – Eliana Parrado
Berthe – Heather Patton
Robert – Zack Siezmagraff
Bernard – Micah Steinke

Erik Einsiedel (Robert – understudy)

Director – Lauren Tamke
Assistant Director – Heidi Wierenga
Set Designer, Master Builder – Pierre Valois
Lighting Designer – Richard Hatfield
Costume Designer – Julieanna Lazowski
Sound Designer – Phil Kreisel
Master Painter – Joan Heys Hawkins
Props Master – Rachel Whipple
Stage Manager – Louise Mallory
Production Managers – Athena Gordon, Karin Lauderdale
Assistant Stage Managers – Jennifer Robinson, Tom Lam
Lighting Operator – Laura Young & Rachel Whipple
Sound Operator – Hunter Luth



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