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Announcing the Cast of SHATTER

CAST: Anna MacLean – SIAN GODSMARK Jennie Maclean – YANIT TEREFE Elsie Schultz – SAMANTHA WOOLSEY Brian Davidson – BERKLEY ABBOTT Ghosts: BRITTANY HINSE, DYLAN BRENNEIS, MIKAYLEE BOUTIN, VIKTORIA BRADLEY, STUART OLD, SYDNEY JINJOE   Shatter by Trina Davies December 6, 2017 – December 16, 2017 Director: Josh Languedoc Anna MacLean’s eye has been turned […]

Introducing the Cast and Creative Team of QUEEN MILLI OF GALT

Cast: Milli: Stephanie O’Neill Edward: Owen Emblau Mona: Lauren Tamke Mrs. Milroy: Anne-Marie Smyth Godfrey: Robert Klakowich Production Team: Liz Cook – Director Paula Blanco Longa – Assistant Director Anne Marie Szucs – Mentor Director Laura Young – Stage Manager Glenn Cook – Production Manager Catherine Wenschlag – Mentor PM Jim Herchak – Set Designer […]

Meet the Cast of LADY WINDERMERE’S FAN – Émanuelle Dubbeldam is Rosalie!

What is your role in this production? I play Rosalie — Lady Windermere’s maid — as well as Miss Graham. What is your background in theatre? Although it’s my first time on the Walterdale stage, I have been involved in theatre since the tender age of seven. I have made a couple of appearances at NextFest and the Fringe, […]

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