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Announcing the Cast of SHATTER

CAST: Anna MacLean – SIAN GODSMARK Jennie Maclean – YANIT TEREFE Elsie Schultz – SAMANTHA WOOLSEY Brian Davidson – BERKLEY ABBOTT Ghosts: BRITTANY HINSE, DYLAN BRENNEIS, MIKAYLEE BOUTIN, VIKTORIA BRADLEY, STUART OLD, SYDNEY JINJOE   Shatter by Trina Davies December 6, 2017 – December 16, 2017 Director: Josh Languedoc Anna MacLean’s eye has been turned […]

Meet the Cast of FROM CRADLE TO STAGE 2017 – Miranda Broumas is Guenevere in GUENEVERE

What is your role in this production? I’m playing Guenevere, who’s a spirited and yearning young lady. Despite her affairs with Lancelot, she remains a dutiful partner to King Arthur. Their marriage is founded in a very admirable friendship and professional respect. Arthur values her insight and opinions, which is a refreshing dynamic between a man and a woman given the attitude and treatment […]

Meet the Cast of FROM CRADLE TO STAGE 2017 – Anglia Redding is Victoria in PORTRAIT OF A FAMILY DINNER

What is your role in this production? My role is twofold in this production: I play Victoria in the production and I’m the Co-Director of Publicity for Walterdale. In my role as Co-Director, I write press releases, contact local reviewers, set up interviews, and make sure the word about the show gets out so people […]

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