Season 59 – Call for Script Submissions

walterdalelogo-150x150Do you have an idea for a great show for Walterdale Theatre Associates to produce that you have always wanted to direct? Now is the time to submit for the 2017-2018 season.

Please submit the following materials:

  • A copy of the script (If you submit the original script, it will be returned to you – photocopies will not be).
  • A copy of your theatre résumé highlighting your directorial experience both with Walterdale & in other theatrical settings.
  • A Directorial Proposal (your concept) – including the following:

– Why you think this would be a good show for Walterdale to produce.
– Casting requirements (Note: this must not include casting considerations. All casts for Walterdale productions must be selected from auditions).
– What Production Team (if any) you would bring with you into the project. Production team members are not required for a submission and can be recruited at a later date with the assistance of Walterdale.
– ANY information that might affect budget (e.g. Chorus size for a musical or size of ensemble in a straight play, desire for period dress, rental of special equipment).
– Recent Production history within the Edmonton area. Please provide information including most recent production(s) in the Edmonton area noting year of production & the company that produced the piece.

What kinds of shows are we looking for?  Possible options to consider (but not limited to):

  • Walterdale must meet the needs of a variety of people. The season must collectively entertain, encourage & challenge our diverse audience.
  •  A full-length Canadian script.
  • A musical.
  • Plays with good roles for both men & women (with a variety of ages )
  • Dramas, Comedies, Thrillers, Classics, etc…
  • A variety of topics and issues that many different people can relate to or learn from.

Applying directors are permitted to submit a maximum of 2 pieces for consideration for the season. Preference may be given to directors who did not direct a production in the most recent season. If new to directing, please contact Anne Marie Szucs at to find out how to become an Assistant Director.

Submissions should be sent to :

Anne Marie Szucs, Artistic Director
c/o Walterdale Theatre Associates
10322 – 83rd Avenue NW Edmonton, Alberta
T6E 5C3

(Please note: There will be a new Artistic Director in place for Season 59. Anne Marie will pass on all submitted scripts once he/she has been selected.)

Submissions must be received by January 15, 2017. Late Submissions will not be considered.

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