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2016/17 Season:
Edmonton Journal, July 18, 2016: Stage news: Northern Light’s new season and other theatrical matters

Previews and Reviews of Chess:
After the House Lights – Preview: Chess an epic story of love and Cold War politics
After the House Lights – Review: Chess at Walterdale shows interchangeability of pawns and kings
Edmonton Journal Preview: Edmonton actor Matt Boisvert returns to theatre with Chess the musical
Gig City: Chess meets ABBA in Walterdale musical
VUE Weekly Review: Challenging musical score to end Walterdale Theatre’s 57th season
VUE Weekly Preview: Chess tells its story through instrumentals and harmonies
St Albert Gazette Review: Chess – a musical battleground
St Albert Gazette Preview: Walterdale Theatre premieres Chess
What It Is Podcast: Episode 105 Summer of Love

Previews and Reviews of From Cradle to Stage 2016:
After the House Lights Preview: From Cradle to Stage 2016: Bottled Up and The Sunset Syndrome
After the House Lights Review: An evening exploring the past: From Cradle to Stage 2016

Previews and Reviews of Glengarry Glen Ross:
St. Albert Gazette: Sharks circle in a small pond
t. Albert Gazette: Glengarry Glen Ross, a commentary of our times
Gigcity: Hateful men drive Mamet’s Glengarry Glen Ross
Edmonton Journal: Laugh and be appalled at yourself: Black comedies this week

Preview and Reviews for Boeing Boeing:
St. Albert Gazette: Boeing-Boeing takes off at Walterdale Theatre

Previews and Reviews for W;t:
Edmonton Sun: Maclean: W;t is a play filled with comic irony that finds the human spirit in the darkness

Previews and Reviews for Ravenscroft:
VUE Weekly: Get a clue: Ravenscroft a whodunit with a gothic twist

Article on Artistic Director, Anne Marie Szucs in Edmonton Woman Magazine:
The Cutting Edge: As the Walterdale Theatre’s new Artistic Director, Anne Marie Szucs’ contribution to Edmonton’s theatrical community grows deeper

Previews and Reviews of A Man of No Importance:
Edmonton Sun: A Man of No Importance gives a tug at the heartstrings
St. Albert Gazette: A Man of No Importance: an endearing tale of love, loss and friendship
After the House Lights: A Man of No Importance shows the joy of community theatre

Previews and Reviews of From Cradle to Stage 2015:
After the House Lights: From Cradle to Stage 2015 tackles religion and family

Previews and Reviews of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?:
Edmonton Sun:

Previews and Reviews of Jeffrey:
After the House Lights: Walterdale’s Jeffrey tackles AIDS, love, and end-of-life with humour and tact
St. Albert Gazette: Jeffrey is a witty romp on AIDS

Previews and Reviews of Six Degrees of Separation:
St. Albert Gazette: A stab at the glamorous life
After the House Lights: Six Degrees of Separation at Walterdale Theatre
Edmonton Sun: Six Degrees thought-provoking

Previews and Reviews of Starless:
CTV News Spot:
The Local Good blog:

Previews and Reviews of Proof:

Sound and Noise REVIEW –
Ephemeral Pleasures (local arts Blog) –
VUE Weekly –
St. Albert Gazette –

Previews and Reviews of Dracula:

Edmonton Journal –
Edmonton Sun –
St. Albert Gazette – ;
VUE Weekly –
Sound and Noise –

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  1. I have a problem about the article, where am i able to e-mail
    the person responsible?

    • Hello – What is your problem with the article and with which article? This is the page for media on Walterdale so none of the articles were produced by Walterdale Theatre – you would have to contact the original news source.

  2. I’m very upset and appalled by the decision to cancel Othello and even more upset by the fact that on your contact page there is no phone number and no email address for anyone to use to contact the theatre. The cancellation of the play is a frightening collapse of will, an act of concession, a transfer of power to bigots and racists. You should go to Facebook and look up Steve Sedgwick then look at his video on this issue. He speaks for thousands upon thousands of people.

  3. So sad. It is so easy to shut down creativity. A woman as Othello would have been interesting. Perhaps we should now save all WHITE roles for white actors. Kidding? No not really. Caving to a threat of violence and not allowing Police to due their job in tracking down a possibly deranged individual is recklessly stupid. This criminal is now emboldened. No good outcome there. Your 1st reaction instead of kneejerk apologies everywhere should have been to explain the gender dynamic. Everyone knows the story…. time to change it up. GUTLESS.

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