Building Facts

020Some facts about Walterdale Theatre’s current location:

  • Built in 1910, replacing a smaller building, Strathcona No. 1 Fire Hall was re-numbered Edmonton No. 6 Fire Hall when Edmonton and Strathcona amalgamated in 1912.
  • The is the only pre-World War I fire hall in Edmonton to retain its historical exterior.
  • The building served as a fire hall until 1954; from then until 1974, it was used as a furniture warehouse.
  • The bell tower houses the Strathcona “Tower Bell”. It is topped by an octagonal belfry, covered by an octagonal room — the cupola.
  • The tower was used to dry hoses (hanging them up) after use.
  • The stable (now set building workshop) was designed to house nine horses.
  • The theatre auditorium seats 145.
  • The second floor houses wardrobe storage and construction rooms, a rehearsal hall, dressing and green room, and an office. There is also access to the control booth.
  • The building was designated a Provincial Historic Resource on September 13, 2007, and designated a Municipal Historic Resource on September 27, 2011.
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