Meet the Cast of THE WOMEN – Roseanna Sargent is Mary!

What is your role in The Women? The role I play in this production is Mary. She is a high society lady, happily married with 2 wonderful children and life is rather enjoyable for her until she finds out her husband is having an affair. 

What is your background in theatre? At Walterdale?  My first production at the Walterdale was part of the cradle to stage festival and I played Sophie the daughter of Emily, in The Sunset Syndrome which portrayed Emily’s inner turmoil and emotions of a women with dementia. This production was the first play I was a part of in Canada. I then went on to be apart of Lady Windermere’s Fan and got to wear the most beautiful dress.

What brought you out for the show?  I loved the idea of an all women cast and the play is just hilarious with some deeper meaning and issues that slowly arise throughout the story. It was a production that I knew would be awesome to be apart off.

Why should audiences come see this show? This play has all the emotions in it. You will laugh your head off one moment, nod your head with understanding the next and be sobbing within 10 minutes. The play is about women, in all societies and in all classes. It tells the story of friendship, betrayal and deals with real life issues that many women deal with every single day. There is so much depth to this play that most people will walk out with understanding, however what they exit with, will be entirely up to them.

What is the most challenging obstacle that you think women have overcome in the last century? I think the most challenging obstacle women have overcome this last century is the right to their body. History depicts women as secondary citizens who belonged to their father or husband with no voice and no control. The past 100 years has seen women grow and speak up and fight for equality in all areas. As a women living in a western society today I have a voice, I have a choice as to who I will marry, love, be apart of my family. I have opportunities that many women all over the world do not have. I am lucky and very grateful for this, but there are so many women and children who do not have a voice, who do not have control over their place in society, I think women have a long way to go to gain equality. I think women’s greatest challenge is uniting all women over the world and reaching a common ground that protects all women in all societies and cultures with respect to the variation of this world.

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