Meet the Cast of THE WOMEN – Lilianna Coyes-Loiselle is Little Mary

What is your role in The Women? I play Little Mary, Mary’s daughter. Little Mary is a smart, sensitive little girl who’s got an attitude. She wants nothing to with being a girl and loathes the fact that she is turning into a woman.

What is your background in theatre? In Edmonton? At Walterdale? This is my first show at the Walterale!! I graduated from JH Picard High School last year where I was involved in several shows including Othello, Amadeus, and Alice.

What brought you out for The Women? I wanted to continue doing theatre after high school and auditioning for The Women at the Walterdale was the perfect opportunity! Plus… an all female cast!? I was totally in after that. 🙂

What do you think audiences will take away from the show? Why do you think they should come and see it? That all men cheat on their wives and women can’t trust each other. Just kidding. After seeing the show, I think audiences will be much more grateful for the supportive friends they have who they can confide and trust in.

What is the most challenging obstacle that you think women have overcome in the last century? What a hard question! Women have overcome so much in the last century it’s hard to pick one single obstacle. I would say though that the biggest obstacle women have faced in the last century is shifting from being confined to the private sphere of the home to the public sphere. One hundred years ago, women were trapped in their own homes as well as their role of taking care of her husband, kids, and the house. Breaking free from this role and becoming a part of the public sphere was extremely challenging and took a lot of courage and determination. I think that when women overcame this, the wheels were set in motion for the rest of the changes towards women’s rights and empowerment that happened and continue to happen throughout history. Based on the news and what everyone is talking about today, I think the sexual abuse problem that has blown up around the world is the most important issue facing women today. We’ve come a long way, but issues like this remind us that we are still a very long way off.


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