Meet the Cast of THE WOMEN – Katelyn Arthurs is Miriam Aarons!

What is your role in The Women? I play Miriam Aarons, an ex-chorus girl turned musical theatre star. She’s a scrappy, sassy, witty character who is no stranger to doing what she has to do to survive in a man’s world.

What is your background in theatre? In Edmonton? At Walterdale? I’ve done a few shows at the Walterdale and around Edmonton, and before that some community theatre as I nomaded around the country. Walterdale keeps having me, so I keep coming back!

What brought you out for The Women? I’ve always wanted to work with Catherine (our director), and when she had mentioned this show a while back, I already dibs-ed an audition slot! The script is also fascinating, being that it was written in 1936, and a lot of it still rings true. It’s still a very timely piece that takes a look at relationships, social climates, and the importance of thinking for yourself.

What do you think audiences will take away from the show? Why do you think they should come and see it? First of all, the set and the costumes are gorgeous. Secondly, Clare Boothe Luce was a fantastic writer who produced a fantastic, biting script that is peppered with humour, sincerity, and brutal honesty. Last but not least, the incredible amount of talent in the show. The cast is incredible and it’s been really great working alongside this many talented women… not to mention the best rehearsal conversations EVER. I foresee a great talk-back on the talk-back evening during the run!

What do you think is the most important issue facing women today (in North America? Globally?)? Why? The ability to have total agency over their bodies. Women’s health issues and decisions concerning them are too often made in rooms where there are no women present, or even consulted. In 2018, it is frightening to be able to say that in certain areas of first world countries, it is easier for a woman to buy a gun than to access birth control. Women face a tremendous amount of scrutiny in regards to their reproductive health, when it should be no one’s business but theirs and their doctor… who may or may not respect their wishes as well. While we are fortunate to live somewhere with more progressive laws, it seems that every time someone makes some progress, someone else takes two steps back. Women have a powerful voice and I’m proud to be part of a generation that is using it for change.

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