Meet the Cast of SHATTER – Stuart Old is a Shadow!

Stuart Old HeadshotWhat is your role in this production? I am an actor in the chorus of “shadow” characters that Josh incorporated in the production.  The chorus serves to heighten the storytelling and action of the play, but, in addition, we all created individuals who lived in Halifax during the events portrayed.  The backstory of my character is that of “Alfred”, a Nova Scotian of Irish heritage who made his living in Halifax as a fisherman while indulging a secret, poetic nature.

What is your background in theatre? At Walterdale? I first experienced stage performance in high school.  After nearly a decade working as a tradesman, I returned to theatre, being accepted into the Theatre Performance and Creation program at Red Deer College in 2015.  I completed the program this spring and moved to Edmonton.  This is my first production with Walterdale!

What brought you out for this production?  Even before I moved to Edmonton, I knew Walterdale by reputation.  When I learned that Walterdale would be producing Shatter, it struck me right away as something I would be proud to be a part of!

Why do you think people should come and see this show? What do you think audiences will take away from it?  Audiences will experience the story through the eyes of the ordinary Canadians who woke up in Halifax on the morning of December 6, 1917.   These were people experiencing love and friendship, hopes and doubts, never suspecting what would happen to them.  They will witness the struggle of the survivors to overcome the wounds to their bodies and souls.  This story resonates today.  It is difficult to rebuild, to preserve what is honest and decent, to resist the desire to lash out in revenge.  It is vital to reflect that even in our safe and prosperous country, sudden tragedy can challenge us to our cores.  Finally, the play has many beautiful moments of laughter and affection in defiance of tragedy.

Saint-Eustache-PatriotesShatter deals with a major event in Canadian history that Canadians today might not know too much about. Are there any other major events in Canadian history that you feel we should know more about that we do? The 1837 rebellions in Ontario and Quebec forced the British to introduce democracy in Canada by making our government here responsible to our parliament, not to the British monarch.  These rebellions not only redefined Canada’s government, but those of Australia and New Zealand as well!  They also provoked an explicit project to assimilate the French people of Canada.  Pretty important for nearly-forgotten history!

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