Meet the Cast of A DOLL’S HOUSE – Marsha Amanova is Mrs. Christine Linde

MarshaWhat is your role in this production? I am playing the role of Mrs. Christine Linde, a widow and childhood friend of Nora’s. Christine has returned to town, looking for work, after a decade of caring for her infirm mother and younger brothers. She is pleasantly surprised to find that her old flame, Nils Krogstad, is here and a widower himself. Christine is an independent woman who values honesty and hard work and wants to be useful. She adores Nora, and even though the two of them have led very different lives, Christine is a true friend who only wants the best for Nora.

What is your background at Walterdale? A Doll’s House is my 10th show (as an actor) at Walterdale. The first was Cyrano de Bergerac (also directed by Alex Hawkins) in 2004. I have also directed two From Cradle to Stage productions here and was a member of the Board of Directors for 4 years.

What brought you out for this show? Why did you want to become involved? I really enjoy performing in period pieces, and having studied Ibsen’s work in school, I thought it would be a great learning opportunity. I’ve also had wonderful experiences in the past, working with Alex Hawkins and the incredible production team. Alex is a talented director and an excellent teacher, and I always learn something from him, and the design team always creates a work of art that I feel privileged to perform in and on.
IMG_5391Photo Credit: Kristen Finlay
Featuring Marsha Amanova & Nicole English (in background, Tim Marriott)

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