Meet the Cast of A DOLL’S HOUSE – dale Wilson is Dr. Rank

IMG_5406What is your role in this production?  The good doctor, a long time friend of the Helmers, seems a curmudgeony sort dedicated to the family.

What is your background in theatre? At Walterdale? I’ve been performing on Walterdale’s stage for going on 27 years as well as various stints on other stages. I used to do a lot with the  U of A MFA directing candidates, that was like a master class every time. I’d like to do more of that.

What brought you out for this show? This presented the chance to work with a lot of people I’m familiar with on and off stage and I’d been curious for some time about doing an Ibsen piece so it seemed a good fit. Besides the fact that it may be the only ancient role in the season

What do you think audiences will take away from the show? If one only takes away that you have to treat people well as in, thinking as much about them at least as much as yourself, we’ll have spent a merry evening together.

Money is a big issue in this play. Got any funny stories about money? The only story I have about money is I don’t have nearly enough of it and there ain’t nothin’ funny about that.


Photo Credit: Kristen Finlay
Features: dale Wilson as Dr. Rank, and Nicole English as Nora


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