Meet the Cast of A DOLL’S HOUSE – Tim Marriott is Torvald!

IMG_5389What is your role in this production? I play Torvald, the husband of Nora. Torvald has just received a promotion in the bank where he works, and this new position is very important to him. He and Nora have been married for eight years and to others their home is “lovely and peaceful”. Torvald is concerned about appearances, but if anyone asked he would say that he and Nora have very successful and loving marriage,

What is your background in theatre? At Walterdale? I have been around Theatre in Edmonton all of my adult life. This year is forty years since my first involvement with Walterdale.

What brought you out for this show? Why did you want to become involved? I think the play explores very effectively the difference between people’s assumptions about their world, and its reality. This is a very intriguing examination of this theme, in a compelling drama focused upon male/female, husband/wife relationships.

What do you think audiences will take away from the show? I think a modern audience will see this 19th century play as being very contemporary.


Photo Credit: Kristen Finlay
Photo features: Tim Marriott as Torvald and Nicole English as Nora.

Set Designer – Joan Hawkins
Costume Designer – Geri Dittrich
Lighting Designer – Richard Hatfield

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