Meet the Cast of A DOLL’S HOUSE – Dave Wolkowski is Nils Krogstad

dave wolkowskiWhat is your role in this production? I play Nils Krogstad. A disgraced, former lawyer who is trying to put some respectability back into his life. He is often viewed as a scoundrel but I prefer to see him as someone with a heart. He only really wants the best for himself and his children. With those worthy intentions in mind, only good things are ahead for him.
What is your background in theatre? At Walterdale? I was bitten by the acting bug 20 years ago when I was volunteering for Central Alberta Theatre in Red Deer. I was a Sound Operator at the time when I was asked to step in for an actor who became ill. The rest, as they say, is history. I’ve been in a variety of theatre, film and TV projects over the years. I have been a member of Walterdale Theatre for about 10 years and have a done a few shows in that time on our well trod boards.
What brought you out for this show? Why did you want to become involved? After a brief time living in BC I returned to Edmonton last year and was anxious to re-connect with the folks at Walterdale Theatre. When I saw the audition call for A Doll’s House I thought this would be an opportunity to get to work, once again, with all the many energetic men and women of this wonderful community theatre group. I lucked out and have landed in with a cast and crew of dedicated and talented souls for this production of A Doll’s House. I do feel blessed.
What do you think audiences will take away from the show? Every audience member will come away with something different from this show. If you have ever been in love, have ever been out of love, have had ups and downs from these experiences and from the things life can throw at you then you will be able to relate to the issues dealt with in this play by Henrik Ibsen. It doesn’t seem to matter whether it is 1879 or 2017. People are people and the struggles and the joys we face transcend the ages.
Let’s lighten things up a bit – got any funny stories about money? Is there anything funny about money? It has been called the root of all evil but most of us want more of it. I suppose the funniest thing about money is that here at Walterdale, like all community theatres, we do it simply for love not money.

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