Meet the Cast of FOLLIES – Leslie Caffaro is Sally Durant Plummer!

leslieWhat is your role in Follies?  I play Sally, a former dancer attending a reunion of her fellow Weismann girls. She still tries to maintain a veneer of bubbliness, but is forced to face some dark realizations during the reunion.

What is your background in theatre? I didn’t start acting until I was an adult, taking some local classes and then doing a summer session at New Actors Workshop in NYC. A friend suggested I audition for the Walterdale, funnily enough I’d already seen shows there but hadn’t realized it was a community theatre. This is my 11th Walterdale show (not all of them musicals). I’ve also done shows with Abbedam, Two One Way Tickets to Broadway and Round Barn productions. In theory, I am still reworking a musical I wrote and co-directed for Stagestruck.

What brought you out for this show? It’s a musical! I had worked with Barb Mah before on Sweet Charity, my first real musical, which was a magical experience, and hoped to work with her again. I’d seen a show Michael Clark had done and was impressed by the characterization in the songs. The challenge of approaching these complex characters was also exciting.

What do you love about doing theatre? I love the open, accepting atmosphere in theatre and the sense of collaborating on a common goal, and of course playing and pretending and escaping my own little world for a while.

What is the most challenging thing about doing this show? I’ve never done a Sondheim show before so the music itself was challenging for me. Also, on paper, I didn’t find my character Sally to be very likeable but didn’t want this to interfere with presenting a multidimensional character.
What is the best thing about doing this show? The best thing about this show are all the people involved who constantly inspire me. As I’ve played with many of them before it’s almost like a reunion within a reunion and there’s also the joy of finding new partners in crime.

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