Meet the Cast of FOLLIES! Alyssa Paterson is Young Carlotta and Co-Choreographer!

 Paterson HatWhat is your role in  this production? I’m in the ensemble as a memory girl (Young Carlotta), and I’m also dance captain and co-choreographer for the show.

What is your background in theatre? At Walterdale? I grew up doing a lot of musical theatre, and took a long break from it before joining the cast of Chess at Walterdale last summer.  I had such a fantastic time that I knew I had to come back for Follies!
What brought you out for this production? I’ve always held a secret desire to be a showgirl, and this show lets me do that!  Plus the show contains some of my favourite Sondheim songs, and I knew that there’d be lots of great dancing.
This show is about theatre and nostalgia – got any good theatre stories? I was once in a show where I had to “die” onstage while holding my “baby” in my arms, which was a plastic doll wrapped in a blanket. One night during the scene, the actor who was supposed to scoop the baby out of my arms didn’t make it in time, and the doll started falling off of me and rolling onto the bed. I had to pretend to be dead, so I could only lie there, completely still, as I felt it happening! Thankfully the other actor just managed to catch the doll before it fell onto the floor…
What has been the most challenging part of doing the show? As dance captain, I get to sub in for the dances of missing cast members when they’re away. There’s plenty of dancing in this show, so it’s a lot for me to keep straight in my head.
What has been the best thing about doing the show? It’s been a long time since I’ve done any choreography, and I’ve really enjoyed collaborating with Barbara (the director and co-choreographer) to create and set the many dance numbers in this show.  I’ve also loved getting to know the fabulous cast and crew – this show is filled with talented and lovely people!

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