Meet the Cast of FOLLIES – Dustin Berube is Buddy Plummer!

Color DustinBWhat is your role in this production? I am playing the role of Buddy Plummer in the show. My character is a salesman and lives his life with that persona. He loves his wife dearly but the strain on their marriage is starting to show around the seams.

What is your background in theatre? At Walterdale? 
I have been doing musical theatre since I was 12 years old in a musical theatre youth troupe based out of Stony Plain. As an adult I re-entered this world back in 2013 through a Citadel class  at the Foote Theatre School which inevitably led to doing more shows.

What brought you out for this production?
I recently took a small hiatus from musical theatre in Edmonton to clear my head. I have worked with Barb and Michael almost exclusively so I was comfortable with how I would work with them and I’ve never done a Walterdale Theatre production. (Although I have performed in the venue during the fringe festival)

This show is about theatre and nostalgia… What do you love about doing theatre? 
I love the whole process of putting a show together. I like getting to meet and work with a lot of diverse people and the rush of adrenaline when you are on stage.

What has been the most challenging part of doing the show?
This is my first principle role, so managing my own expectations as well as the production teams expectations would be my biggest struggle so far.

What has been the best thing about doing the show? 
Working with a few familiar faces but then being surrounded an enormous amount of talent is the absolute best part about our show!

Follies runs July 5-15, 2017! For tickets call 780.420.1757 or go to!

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