Meet the Crew of Queen Milli – Phil Kreisel is the Sound Designer!

What is your role in the production? I am the Sound Designer for Queen Milli.

What is your background in theatre? I started out in theatre as an actor in 1997phil and eventually gravitated to sound design. I have done sound designs for over 80 productions since 2004. I’m also a playwright and a director. I’ll be stage-managing Walterdale’s upcoming production of Follies later this year.

Why did you want to be a part of “Queen Milli of Galt”? I was sought out by Liz Cook, the director of the show, to do sound, and as I enjoy designing sound for shows at Walterdale, this was a slam-dunk.

Why do you think audiences should come and see this show? It’s a terrific production… funny but also very poignant. All of the cast and production team have poured their hearts into Queen Milli, and it shows in the performance.

What has been the most fun working on the show? What about the most challenging thing? This show has a ton of sound throughout the show, ranging from special effects to musical underscoring. Picking the right music to enhance a sequence without upstaging the actors is always a challenge, and I was delighted when the stances in one of Strauss’ waltzes that I used fit the dynamics of the dialogue perfectly. Sound is also used to help convey a sense of place/location for the audience, which helps the audience recognize when the stage turns into a ballroom as opposed to Milli’s garden. It was a blast putting the sound together and contributing to this production.

Do you think Milli and Edward were secretly married or no? Why? I do not think they were secretly married. Records of this would surface somewhere, particularly in this day and age of the Internet.

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