Meet the Cast of Queen Milli of Galt – Stephanie O’Neill is Milli!

What is your role in the production? I play Millicent Milroy or Queen Milli to some!

What is your background in theatre? I started theatre in elementary school and stephaniemy parents enrolled me in classes at the Citadel as an outlet for my energy. From there, I continued to audition for and fill roles both inside and outside of an educational setting. I lived in Vancouver for two years, tailoring my craft through numerous classes and performed with the Havana Theatre. Since moving home, this is my second time performing with the Walterdale Theatre, and I am more then happy to be back!

Why did you want to be a part of “Queen Milli of Galt”? Initially I was drawn in by the idea of participating in a period show. Once I read the script, I fell in love with the character of Milli – her strength, her humour, and her imagination.

Why do you think audiences should come and see this show? Queen Milli of Galt is full of humour and energy. All of the characters are enticing and the story is based on true events. Getting lost in the story of Milli is an amazing experience and I hope others will join us in the journey!

What has been the most fun working on the show? What about the most challenging thing?I have had the most fun working on Milli as a character. In my mind, she started as a fictional character that fell prey to the stereotypical ideas of a young woman in 1919. As I researched and discovered who Milli was in reality, she began to shape herself in my mind and that has been an exciting experience.

The most challenging part of this show is the pacing. Much of the dialogue is overlapping and full of sharp wit. It was a challenge to learn the lines, and then live them, while staying on top of the pacing.

Do you think Milli and Edward were secretly married or no? Why? Yes! Through speaking with an individual who knew Milli in her later years, and through doing research through archives, I am thoroughly convinced that Milli and Edward were married. Whether or not it was a recognized marriage is another discussion!

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