Meet the Cast of Queen Milli of Galt – Lauren Tamke is Mona!

What is your role in the production? I play Mona, Milli’s best friend and kindred spirit (in some, but not all ways)!

What is your background in theatre? I minored in drama in university and have participated as an actor and director in numerous shows in and out of school since. My most recent theatre direction was the farce, Boeing Boeing, in Walterdale’s 2015-16 season.

Why did you want to be a part of “Queen Milli of Galt”? I’ve been focusing a lot more on directing over recent years so I was looking for an opportunity to dust off my performance skills and find a character to engross myself with. I read the audition notice and description for Queen Milli of Galt on the final day of auditions, and was intrigued by story, characters and potential therein. Thankfully, Liz let me drop in last-minute and I’m so glad she did! It’s been a wonderful experience working with the creative team on this production.

Why do you think audiences should come and see this show? The Walterdale is an amazing organization that gives amateur performers, directors, and technical teams the opportunity to produce both established and original content. Each season features new Edmonton talent in a refreshed line-up of shows. Coming to see our productions and sharingLTamke - Headshot in the magic of theatre is one of the best ways to support our teams! This play is unique in that it is a speculation of what might have transpired between real-life Milli and Prince Edward during the infamous Canadian tour leading to Milli engraving her own tombstone claiming to be his wife. I think it provides quite the answer!

What has been the most fun working on the show? What about the most challenging thing? Each play brings together a different arrangement of people and navigating those new relationships on and off stage is forever a challenging, but ultimately the most rewarding, experience in any production!  As the team becomes a cohesive unit, you learn a lot about yourself as an individual performer as well as your role as a member of the greater stage family! It’s been a truly fulfilling journey so far.  

Do you think Milli and Edward were secretly married or no? Why? Well, Mona knows the answer to that. But, I’ll never tell. My bridesmaid dress was to die for, though…Oh, woops!

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