Meet the Cast of LADY WINDERMERE’S FAN – Dan Fessenden is Lord Darlington

fessendenWho are you and who do you play? My name is Dan Fessenden and I play the suave and debonair Lord Darlington.

What is your background in theatre?  I am excited to return for my second show at the Walterdale. Last year I was in Ravenscroft.

What brought you out for this show? I love Walterdale Theatre! I’ve seen lots of shows and have wanted to be on the stage for a while. Last year was my first one which was the culmination of that goal! There’s a lot of room for growth as an actor, and I’m happy to have another chance to do so. I’m also excited to be working with many of the same talented cast and crew at the Walterdale again!

What is the most enjoyable thing about working on this production? The entire production is full of some excellently talented and creative people. We’ve had a lot of fun putting together the show and I think that will come across for anyone who comes to see it. The script itself is full of great lines and moments!

What is the most challenging thing?  One of the most interesting things for me by far has been the fact that my character is not actually the character I relate most to in the story. So playing this other person has been both fun and challenging.
Got a favourite Oscar Wilde quote? “The pure and simple truth is rarely pure and never simple”

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