Paper Doll Productions presents SEVEN LOST MINUTES at the 2016 Edmonton Fringe

Seven Lost MinutesPaper Doll Productions is thrilled to be bringing you the Canadian Premiere of Seven Lost Minutes written by Sydney Parcey to the 35th Annual Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival!!

Based on a true story, Seven Lost Minutes follows the story of Diana, a driven wife whose medical symptoms point towards an “unknown disease”. Diana fights for her health, as her family fights for her well-being. This story shows how the love of one family can help someone survive whatever life throws at them.

Written by: Sydney Parcey
Directed by: Melanie Bahniuk (Ravenscroft)

Shanni Pinkerton
Josh Harnack
Miranda Broumas
Sam Goertz 
Rebecca Bissonnette (Ravenscroft)
Roseanna Sargent
Emi Gusdal

Designed by: Stephanie Bahniuk
Sound Design by: Taylor Price
Stage Managed by: Steven Sobolewski



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