iiii theatricals presents EPIC TRAGEDY an EPIC comedy at the 2016 Edmonton International Fringe

EPIC TRAGEDYWritten and Directed by Gerald Osborn

Date night in Ancient Athens. Meet Medea and Oedipus. According to the Fates, they’re a perfect match thanks to all the patricide, infanticide and accidental incest in their day-to-day lives. Will these two crazy kids make a go of it or are they destined for an EPIC TRAGEDY? Opa!

Epic Tragedy – Winner, Outstanding Production, Outstanding New Work, Outstanding Director – Stage Struck! 2013

Francie Goodwin-Davies
James Hamilton
Landon Shayne Penner
Eric Smith
Ruby Swekla
Cat Walsh
Catherine Wenschlag
dale Wilson
Syrell Wilson

Stage Manager: Melanie Hough
Technical Consultant: Doug Verdin


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