Meet the Team of CHESS – Glenna Schowalter is the Stage Manager

glennaWhat is your role on the production?  I am the stage manager. This means that I sit through rehearsals to take blocking notes, get tech notes out to the production team and call all the cues once we get into the run of the show. There’s lots of communication and organization involved, and (of course) patience.

What is your background in theatre? At Walterdale? I started theatre in high school, and have graduated from MacEwan University’s Theatre Production program with distinction. Since then I’ve done numerous community theatre shows and festivals such as Fringe and the Works. This is my fourth production at Walterdale, and my second time stage managing here.

What brought you out for this show? I was actually finishing up last season’s production of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? when Technical Director Richard Hatfield asked if I would be interested in stage managing Chess. I said yes, of course.

Why do you think audiences should come see this show? What do you think they will take away from it? I think audiences will be blown away by the score of the show. Each song is musically interesting and completely unique in its storytelling moments. The audience will walk out humming.

Chess is a Board Game… What’s your favorite Board Game? Why? Got any funny game-playing stories? I love board games! I am a frequent visitor to our city’s board game cafes. My favourite board game so far (I still have so many to try!) is Shadows Over Camelot. It’s a cooperative game where the players take on the roles of King Arthur’s knights and try to save the kingdom from invading evil forces. I like it because of the co-op gameplay, and I’m a sucker for medieval fantasy stuff.

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