Meet the Cast of CHESS – Matt Boisvert is Freddie

sHeadshot2BandWWhat is your role in Chess? I play Freddie. It entails a lot complaining, self-centered comments and general rudeness. It is a wonderful role: high energy and vocally interesting. It is also pretty hilarious to play someone so opposite myself.

 What is your background in theatre? At Walterdale? This is my first production with the Walterdale theatre and I have had a blast. I grew up doing St. Albert Children’s Theatre (1993-2000) which took up most of my adolescent evenings. I wrote several plays (We’ve Got Monkeys, Booth…), performed in an Improv troupe (Mr. Improv) and had a sketch comedy troupe (Cheese Tea). My last theatre show was Puck in the 5-hole, a sketch comedy show in Winnipeg Fringe in 2003.

 What brought you out for this show? What drew you to it?  I had been wanting to get back on stage for many years now. i suppose part of me was waiting for the perfect time/perfect show. Chess certainly seems to be that. I chose Walterdale because it is about the love of theatre rather than ticket sales and profit. I wanted to rekindle that feeling I had as a child when I volunteered much of my time because I loved doing it and enjoyed the relationships formed.

Why do you think audiences should come see this show? What do you think they will take away from it? Chess is a powerhouse. It is anything but a conventional musical. The score is amazing, the melodies contagious and the story layered with passion and intrigue. Every time you think you got it figured out, it changes. Quite like playing Chess.

Chess is a Board Game… What’s your favorite Board Game? Why? Got any funny game-playing stories? Actually, I invent board games! I have invented over a dozen board/card/tabletop games and have recently started a company called Spark of Madness. I love games so much I could never pick ONE as my favourite. My goal as a designer is to eventually create a good chess/checkers/backgammon style game. I have one called Stacks which is almost there…almost. One day. 🙂

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