Meet the Team of The Sunset Syndrome – Catherine Wenschlag is directing

CCWenschlag HeadshotWhat is your role in this production? I’m directing The Sunset Syndrome by Alison Neuman. As director, I’m responsible for the overall presentation of the production. I have talented actors and crew to bring that playwright’s story to the stage and I get to make sure all the elements coordinate and work together.
What is your background in theatre? At Walterdale?  Primarily I’m an actor and have been performing since since I was eight years old. I’ve been with Walterdale for the past seven seasons in a variety of roles – board member, actor, box office manager, production manager, stage manager, lighting operator and now director!
What brought you to Walterdale? Originally I came to Walterdale to see if there was a place for me and I’ve been thrilled to discover there is. It is truly my home away from home. The Sunset Syndrome drew me in for two reasons: working with the playwright has been an honour and a joy. Alison is a gifted and remarkable woman in many ways and it’s been life changing meeting and working with her. Secondly, the show draws strongly on an ensemble and I was thrilled to be part of creating that aesthetic. I’m incredibly proud of the work that has been done by each member of the team.
What do you think audiences will take away from this production? Why should they come see it? My only wish for audiences is that they take away the reminder that when it comes to life, “The pain [we] feel now is the happiness [we] had before. That’s the deal.” (C.S. Lewis). If life wasn’t good, fun, enjoyable, and full of love, there would be nothing to mourn when it’s lost – all at once or in pieces. Beyond experiencing new, local theatre, people should come see it and let it spark conversations about important – but often difficult – decisions regarding end of life care. Having a plan can provide much needed peace. Whatever that plan may be.
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