Meet the Cast of The Sunset Syndrome – Patrick Maloney is Frederick

patrickWhat is your role in this production? My main role in the production is Fredrick, son of Emily and Sam. He’s definitely the black sheep of the family, the only son of four children, a city guy who was trapped growing up in small town Alberta. I also have two smaller roles, a concerned man in a dog park and a strapping murse (male nurse).

What is your background in theatre? I’ve been acting ever since the grade 3 elementary school Christmas pageant. I got cast as Santa, I was pretty pleased with the idea. I just kept up with it from there, taking on drama in junior high, participating in drama club productions after school, etc. After doing the high school thing I kind of stumbled into a tradition of doing a show at the Edmonton Fringe Festival every summer. I decided I wanted to follow that path a little more seriously so I auditioned for and attended Grant McEwan’s Theatre Arts program. And now I’m here.
What brought you out for this show?  I get restless if I’m not acting. I’m always looking for a new challenge, I don’t want to fall into a comfortable routine or pattern, so I thought getting involved with a production where I knew no one would be ideal. Several friends of mine have done Walterdale shows in the past so I figured I should see what all the fuss is about.
What do you think audiences will take away from the show? I think audiences will experience a very real and large does of empathy during this show. If I’ve learned anything during this process, and not even necessarily from the script contents but from talking to my fellow actors and those involved on the technical side of the show, is that every single person has a crippling, unbearable hardship in their life that they struggle with. We conduct ourselves in the “real world”, we wear our smiles, we may even genuinely feel the warmth and comfort of positive emotions, but underneath that all is something so oppressive it could undo the person if they succame. It’s the support of our friends and family, our loved ones, that help us to bear those loads. Our loved ones help us be Superman.

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  1. Patrick Maloney is a young Valley Kilmer!

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