Meet the Cast of The Sunset Syndrome – Shelby Colling is Julianna

10835231_10153115478600649_5853279641464083194_o (1)What is your role in this production? I am a member of the ensemble, so I play several characters, including Emily’s daughter, Julianna, Sophie’s daughter, Jennifer, Laura the health care worker, and young Emily. 

What is your background in theatre? At Walterdale? Currently, I am a Drama student at the University of Alberta, but this is my first production outside of a university setting. I couldn’t have asked for a better introduction to Edmonton theatre than the Walterdale, and this amazing cast and crew in particular.

What brought you to Walterdale? 
I’ve been referred to the Walterdale by several students who have done previous productions. Before ever thinking I’d get involved in acting, I wanted to be a playwright, and the From Cradle to Stage production allowed me to experience the production process from revising the script to the final show. 

What do you think audiences will take away from this production? Why should they come see it?
The Sunset Syndrome doesn’t just address the inner workings of a specific disease, it follows a family forced to make difficult decisions and cope with these unexpected changes. Our playwright, Alison Neuman, has done an extraordinary job of portraying a family that everyone will be able to recognize and associate with. It’s a cathartic experience to follow the joy and grief of these characters (and there is joy as well as grief), and Alison’s brilliant script creates the complex family dynamic needed to make this possible. There is no ‘easy’ answer to a difficult problem, and the struggle to carry on will resonate with audiences. 

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