Archive | May, 2016

Meet the Cast of CHESS – Najm Abaza is in the Ensemble

What is your role in the production? I am in the ensemble portraying multiple characters which includes an obnoxious reporter, an enthusiastic translator and an abrasive technician. What is your background in theatre? At Walterdale? My background in theatre goes back to joining Musical Theatre, Drama and One Acts at Paul Kane High School where I performed shows […]

Meet the Team of The Sunset Syndrome – Rebecca Bissonnette is the Assistant Director

What is your role in this production? My name is Rebecca Bissonnette and I am the Assistant Director for The Sunset Syndrome. I’ve been told I’m the show’s biggest cheerleader. While it is true that the director does all the heavy lifting, I’d like to think that the Assistant Director is the caretaker – I […]

Meet the Cast of The Sunset Syndrome – Shelby Colling is Julianna

What is your role in this production? I am a member of the ensemble, so I play several characters, including Emily’s daughter, Julianna, Sophie’s daughter, Jennifer, Laura the health care worker, and young Emily.  What is your background in theatre? At Walterdale? Currently, I am a Drama student at the University of Alberta, but this is my […]

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