Meet the Cast of CHESS

6ChessAlmost 60 people came out last weekend to auditions for CHESS, resulting in a stellar cast of new and returning Walterdale members!


Lauren Pearson – Florence
Todd Hauk – Anatoly
Matt Boisvert – Freddie
Kate Wylie – Svetlana
Melanie LaFleur – The Arbiter
Jesse Setka – Walter
Mark Finlay – Molokov
Morgan Smith – Gregor
Russ Farmer – Nikolai/Ensemble
Najm Abaza – Ensemble
Katelyn Arthurs – Ensemble
Nathan Bissett – Ensemble
Leslie Caffaro – Ensemble
Joseph Chambrinho – Ensemble
Mike Harding – Ensemble
Patricia Harrity – Ensemble
Andrew Kwan – Ensemble
Bridget Lyne – Ensemble
Tanya Mirzayans – Ensemble
Alyssa Paterson – Ensemble
Andrew Piepgrass – Ensemble
Emily Smith – Ensemble
Tyra Watkin – Ensemble


Kristen M. Finlay – Director
Sally Hunt Music – Director
Bethany Hughes – Choreographer
Catherine Wenschlag – Assistant Director
Julieanna Lazowski – Production Manager
Glenna Showalter – Stage Manager
Joan Hawkins – Set Designer/Master Painter
Karin Lauderdale – Costume Designer
Erin Foster-O’Riordan – Sound Designer
Brad Melrose – Lighting Designer
Richard Hatfield – Master Builder
John Anderson – ASM
Louise Mallory – LX Op.
Kirsten Jensen – Sound Op.
TBA – Props


Ken Heise – violin
Grace Huang – violin
Hsing Jou – violin
Adele Bosse-Morgan – cello
Tim Maskell – guitar
Scott McDonald – percussion
Sally Hunt – keyboard


If you are interested in be a part of the team of Chess, please contact the theatre. We’d love to have you on board!

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