Meet the Cast of Glengarry Glen Ross – Nelson Niwa is Aaronow

nelson.ggrHi, Nelson! Tell us who you are? Nelson Niwa: Grant Mac grad, journeyman electrician, collector of casual vices.

What is your role in this show? George Aaronow – a mediocre salesman who’s the smallest shark in this tank.

Why did you come out for this show? I’m a sucker for snappy dialogue, and that’s Mamet’s stock and trade. I also think that typical heroes are rather dull. Glengarry reminds me of Sweeney Todd in that there are no saints; only a multifaceted selection of bastards. And who do you think lives a more interesting life?

Why should audiences come and see this show? Walterdale seldom mounts single-gender productions, so this is a bit of a novelty. We get to see how this group of driven men behave around each other in the high-pressure environment of 1980’s real estate. Some of the design influences are from films like Wall Street and American Psycho, and that ruthlessness permeates how these guys treat each other and the world. It won’t be hard for the audience to draw parallels between then and now, illustrating that Mamet remains a current and relevant storyteller.
Who writes GREAT dialogue!

Got any good buying/selling stories? My meandering career path included stints with both Amway and Cutco. Meeting the people who loved and did well in the direct sales business was a real eye-opener! Sure, they believed in their products (in fact I still use those knives), but the thing that REALLY got their eyes twinkling was making the Big Sale. Hearing Levene tell his story about the Nyborgs in Act II gives me Amway flashbacks every time! Seems I wasn’t cut out to be a salesman…

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