Meet the Cast of Glengarry Glen Ross – John Evans is Roma

12825668_10153319143720443_1362762760_nHi, John Evans! Tell us who you are in this play! I play Richard Roma. My character is a slick, fast talking, 2 faced bastard who will sell you with lies and false kindness but you’ll be grateful for his attention.
What brought you out for this show? What brought me out for this show was just how difficult Mamet can be. It’s not the type of show that jumps off the page, you need to work with it as it has its own energy. It’s a world that is uncomfortable to many people as well so I look forward to what emotions it may evoke from  the audience.
How do you think audiences will react to the show? Audiences will take away from this show a temporary sense of agitation. I hope. The reason being that this is not a pleasant show with a pleasant message. If we do it justice the audience should leave a little stressed out. Why should they come see this then? Because I feel it is a well written piece depicting a slice of a salesman life, albeit amplified ( I hope). But it gives insight into the good and the bad of the sales world.
Got any funny/weird Sales stories? Well it was certainly interesting buying size 12 high heels from the sweet old woman at the shoe store when I played Frank-N-Furter…. She was pleasant enough but clearly confused. Did give me some great suggestions on how to shave my legs though… 🙂

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