Meet the Cast of Glengarry Glen Ross – Dale Wilson is Levene

daleHi, I’m Dale in everyday life, or dale after dark when the footlights go up. I’ve been at Walterdale for 25 years in various capacities but mostly on stage. I feel I should go with where my talents lie and they are decidedly (my computer says that’s a word) not administrative.

I’ve had the good fortune to be cast in the role of Shelly Levene for our little tryst into the world of real estate sales with Glengarry Glen Ross. I’ve only seen one production of the show. It was at Fringe a few years back and I thought then it would be a challenging piece to perform in. Little did I realize what fresh hell I was contemplating.

I would have to say Mamet’s dialogue rivals Shakespeare for difficulty, on a whole different plane of existence, at least for me. I thank my lucky stars our director chose to have a great whacking long rehearsal (well maybe not so long) at least long enough for me to get my ol’ grey head around it.

If asked why people should see this show I’d have to say if only for the pleasure of watching seven guys that truly like working together. I’ve told others and I’ll say it here, I have never, in twenty five years on the stage, enjoyed myself more, laughed as much, or looked forward with as much anticipation to rehearsal days as with Glengarry Glen Ross.

Audiences will take a lot of things away from this show and the one thing it spoke loudly about to me, what with my wife being an office manager is, be nice to them, they have surprising resources.

Did I ever tell ya I was in Real Estate in the mid-eighties? No? Well it wasn’t a high point in my many illustrious careers but I did meet some great people who are still friends and I did learn one of my most important life lessons and that would be ‘just because you can build them doesn’t mean you can sell them’.

Hug a real estate agent today. Live long. Live loud. Live.

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