Meet the Cast of Glengarry Glen Ross – Justin Deveau is James Lingk

justinHi, Justin! Who do you play in Glengarry Glen Ross? 
 I play James Lingk in GGGR. He is a shy, quite man who does not like confrontation. He is buying some land from Richard Roma.

What brought you out for this show?  I have read the play and have never done Mamet before.
What do you think audiences will get out of the show? Sales men are jerks, but it is fun to watch them yell at one another.
Got any funny/weird ‘Sales’ stories? I worked at a book store in the fiction section. I was covering someone’s lunch down in computers/ business/ travel/ history one day when a man came up to me and asked if we had any books on eunuchs. I stared at him for a bit and said, “Well we have books on ancient Rome…but I don’t think we have anything about eunuchs specifically…”
He then stared at me for a bit and then said, “No, UNIX. U-n-i-x, it is a computer program…”
“oh…I was not aware of that…” I then showed him where the programming books were.

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