Meet the Creative Team of Boeing Boeing – Phil Kreisel is Sound Designer

phil k1. Who are you? Phil Kreisel
2. What is your role on this production? I’m the sound designer for this show.
3. What is your background in theatre? At Walterdale? While I started life in theatre as an actor, I’ve been primarily doing sound design work since 2004, and am closing in on 80 shows as a sound designer.  I’m also a very active playwright and occasionally direct.  A ton of the shows I’ve worked on have been for Walterdale.
4. Why did you come out for this show? What made you want to do it? I was asked to do the show by the production team.  It’s a fun show.
5. Why do you think people should come see this show? It’s a great farce.  Lots of comings and goings, and a show that will put a smile on your face during a time of the year that is very depressing for many.
6. This play’s plot is complicated by airline layovers. Got any funny/sad/frustrating layover stories? Got any funny travel adventures? Please share one with us! There was a time when a bunch of us went to NYC to surprise an actor friend for his 30th birthday.  The idea (set up by his wife) was that they would go to a specific diner once they arrived in NYC and then each of us (either individually or in pairs) would casually come into the diner and “act” astonished to see them there.  Unfortunately, it didn’t work because the guy we were going to surprise was “too tired”.  Oh well, we did a similar surprise in the hotel the next morning.

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