Meet the Cast of Boeing Boeing – Carrie Candy is Gretchen

  1. carrie candy.boeingWho are you? ​I’m Carrie Candy. I’m an actor, Mom to two wonderful little girls and a Communications/Social Media Professional.​
  2. What is your role in this production? ​I play Gretchen, the crazy passionate flight attendant who flies for Lufthansa Airlines. Gretchen is an absolute lunatic who feels her feelings to the highest degree.  I am thrilled to be able to bring such a fun character to life.   ​
  3. What is your background in theatre? ​I have been in acting since I was a teen. I also have enjoyed producing and reporting in TV broadcasting.
  4. Why did you come out for this show? ​This play is a delight – both for us performing and for the audience – I think the opportunity to perform in a piece of art that makes people feel joy and makes them laugh is rare and I would not miss it for the world.
  5. Why do you think people should come see this show? ​This play offers the chance to raise your spirits because it is a fantastic comedy – ​don’t miss it!
  6. This play’s plot is complicated by airline layovers. Got any funny/sad/frustrating layover stories? Got any funny travel adventures? ​I actually used to work as a flight attendant and on one flight a passenger was complaining endlessly about the small size of his seat. I asked him to stand up and I would see what I could do.  Facing the seat, I placed my hands on the armrests and made it look like I was using my super human strength to make his seat wider.  Then I asked him to sit back down​ and asked “Is that better?”  This made him and the rest of the passengers laugh.

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