Meet the Team of Boeing Boeing – Heidi Wierenga is the Assistant Director

  1. HeidiW.BoeingWhat is your role on this production? I’m Heidi Wierenga, assistant director. I help our the director in any way I can, very informative.
  2. What is your background in theatre? This is my first time helping out on a theatre production and I’m loving every minute of it. My favourite bit is watching and seeing the progress of the characters and the development of the set, very exciting!
  3. Why do you think people should come and see the show? This show is hilarious, full of laughter and awkward situations, set in the ‘60s of course with it comes a lot of drama.
  4. Got any funny/sad/strange travel stories? I’ve done a good share of travelling and the worst layover I’ve had was when I missed my flight coming back to Canada and I was stuck in the airport in LA for 6 hours, and because of the jet lag (and probably some delicious (sarcasm) airplane food) , I was sick for the entire 6 hours. It was awful haha. I haven’t been back through the LA airport since.

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