Meet the Cast of Boeing Boeing – Heather Patton is Berthe

heather patton1. Who are you? Heather Patton
2. Who do you play in the show? Berthe – the maid
3.  What is your background in theatre? At Walterdale? I’ve been involved in community theater since 2002.  I’ve been in five productions at the Walterdale. The last one was Summer & Smoke.
4. What drew you to this project? I love doing comedy, especially if its physical comedy. Making people laugh brings me joy.
5. What do you think audiences will take away from the show? It’s fast paced, is loaded with funny one liners and the characters are very colourful. It’s an international smorgasbord.
6. Got any funny travel stories? When I was 22 and traveling to Ontario the stewardess invited me to see the cockpit (this was long ago of course, way before the threat of 9-11).  I got to sit with the pilot and co-pilot.  She asked if I would like something to drink so I ordered a screwdriver. “OOh!” she said, “aren’t you a little young for a screwdriver?”  “Umm no, I’m 22”, I said.  She stammered and flushed, “Gee I thought you were 12”.

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