Meet the Cast of Boeing Boeing – Vina Nguyen is Gloria

  1. vinaHi! Who are you? My name is Vina Nguyen and I am a student at the University of Alberta. I love performing and am so grateful to be a part of Boeing Boeing!
  2. What is your ole in the production? I play Gloria, the American fianceé and air hostess. She’s very headstrong and has a lot of pride in America and in herself. In her eyes, it’s all about her and she expects others to obey her and feed her ego and that makes for many hilarious situations in the play!
  3. What is your background in theatre? I come mainly from a dance background and I’m currently studying drama at the University of Alberta and I’ve done a few acting credits there but this is actually my Walterdale debut!
  4. What brought you out for the show? The play is hilarious and the twists and turns were both entertaining and surprising to me when I first read the script. I love to make people laugh and I love the diversity in character of the air hostesses. It’s an international harem!
  5. What do you think audiences will take away from it? I hope people will have a good laugh with the show and see that no matter how hectic and wild life can be, we should all be able to laugh at it at the end of the day.
  6. This play’s plot is complicated by airline layovers. Got any funny/sad/frustrating layover stories? Got any funny travel adventures? I was in the Toronto airport and was going on a trip with some of my friends. And I have a tendency to talk with my hands when I get really animated about what I’m saying. Well, I must have been really excited about something (I can’t for the life of me, remember what it was) because I shot out my arms swiftly and suddenly, serendipitously hitting some poor passerby in the stomach. The man was really straight-laced and serious and I barely had time to squeak out a mediocre apology before he continued on his way, leaving me in my shame and embarrassment. At least my friends had a good laugh though.

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