Meet the Cast of W;t – Sarah Van Tassel is in the ensemble

sarah van tassell1. Who are you? I’m Sarah Van Tassel. I’m an actor, director and I work in communications for a non-profit.

2. What is your role in this production? I’m one of the ensemble members – I get to play a code-team nurse, a med student, a technician and one of Professor Bearings students. It’s been fun finding the little nuances that create each character – and I figured this is likely as close as I’ll get to being on Grey’s Anatomy.

3. What is your background in theatre? At Walterdale? Theatre was my minor at the U of A and I’ve been involved in independent or community theatre since graduating. I started my own production company, Guts&Guile Productions, and I’ve been involved in several Walterdale productions. I’m also currently the President of the WTA Board of Directors, and have also been the Artistic Director.

4. What brought you out for this production? I had the pleasure of working with Anne Marie a couple of years ago and jumped at the opportunity to do so again. I’ve also lost a few family members to cancer and love how this play deals with both the illness and the humanity of getting sick.

5. What do you think audiences will take away from this show? I hope audiences are moved to really live their lives. You never know when a sickness will hit you or a loved one. So, just go out and enjoy and make connections. Tell people you love them.

6. Poetry plays a big role in this play, what is one of your favorite poems, and why? 
A little known fact about me is that I love haikus. For real. Here’s an early Japanese haiku (so the 5-7-5 syllable rule does translate properly, but it’s beautiful in its imagery):
Winter seclusion –
Listening, that evening,
To the rain in the mountain.
~ Koboyashi Issa

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