Meet the Cast of Ravenscroft – Sophie May Healey is Gillian Ravenscroft

sophie healeyWhat is your role in the production?  I play Gillian Ravenscroft, the only child of Mrs. Ravenscroft!

What is your background in theatre? At Walterdale? I’ve done shows with both the St. Albert Children’s Theatre and Paul Kane High School in the past, and recently I worked with the Kompany Family Theatre on their summer show for young children, Fairly Scary Fairy Tales, which toured around community centres and daycares in Alberta.  This is my first show at the Walterdale.

What brought you out for the show? I had been to Walterdale Theatre with my school for a One Act Festival, and I thought that I would love to perform in the space! So when I saw the audition call, I applied right away. I loved the atmosphere of the theatre; it’s very intimate and personal. To me, it’s a perfect venue for a show like Ravenscroft.

It’s a mystery… what’s your favorite mystery movie/play/book and why? I have to confess I don’t usually read a lot of mystery novels, but I do love the musical The Mystery of Edwin Drood, because the audience gets to play a part in deciding the ending. If we’re talking about TV, then it has to be The X Files, because of the sheer unpredictability of everything (and Mulder and Scully are awesome).

If you were in the Game of Clue, Who/Where/With What would be your preferred murder method?  Professor Plum in the library with poison. Simple, discreet and least messy.


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