Meet the Cast of Ravenscroft – Dan Fessenden is Inspector Ruffing

dan fessendenWhat is your role in the production? Inspector Ruffing

What is your background in theatre? At Walterdale? 
This is my first production with Walterdale and I’m excited to join the cast! My performance background is largely choral: I’ve sung with the U of A Mixed Chorus, the Richard Eaton Singers. and many others. I started taking classes with Foote Theatre School in the winter and have done a handful of roles in short films since. 

What brought you out for the show? I’ve wanted to do community theatre for a long time, and I appreciate the professionalism of Walterdale. Taking classes at Foote Theatre School gave me the confidence to audition; after that I was hooked!

It’s a mystery… what’s your favorite mystery movie/play/book and why? Watching the recent Sherlock series got me interested in BBC shows. I then found Luther which is one of my faves. 

If you were in the Game of Clue, Who/Where/With What would be your preferred murder method? Some days I feel like Mr. Boddy, but I suppose I’d probably be Prof. Plum with the rope in the conservatory. Quiet and escapable!

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