Meet the Cast of RAVENSCROFT – Rebecca Bissonnette is Mrs. French

2829-0282-EditWhat is your role in RavenscroftI’m playing the housekeeper/cook, Mrs. French. For anyone who’s seen Downton Abbey – think Mrs. O’Brien.

What is your background in theatre? At Walterdale? This will be my Walterdale debut! My experience in the arts has mainly been of the song/dance variety. I’ve been singing with Spotlight Studios for a few years now, as well as the Edmonton Singing Christmas Tree & E-Town Augmented choirs. I’m also a new member of the Capital City Burlesque dance troupe. I look forward to adding the theater stage to to my experiences!

What brought you out for the show? I came to the Walterdale’s Season Launch & saw the reading of Ravenscroft. I then read the script, which I enjoyed a great deal. I appreciated the strength, humour & wit of all the female characters in the play.

It’s a mystery… what’s your favorite mystery movie/play/book and why? I have always enjoyed the psychological parts to mysteries – the part where the brain goes “what just happened” with a little bit of “I can’t believe that just happened”. I think of the writing behind a series like Criminal Minds & my mind gets blown week after week.

If you were in the Game of Clue, Who/Where/With What would be your preferred murder method? Miss Scarlett in the library with the revolver – very va-va-voom.

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