Meet the Cast of Ravenscroft – Melanie Bahniuk is Marcy, the Governess

m.bahniukWhat is your role in the play? I play Marcy, the Governess in Ravenscroft. 

What is your background in theatre? This is my first Walterdale show which I’m super excited about! I graduated last April from the Theatre Arts program at Macewan University so this is my first show since I have graduated! I’m taking a year off from school to work and save up money and hopefully head back to school to get my BFA.
What brought you out for the show? I saw the audition notice on Theatre Alberta and thought it would be a fantastic show to be in. It sounded very mysterious but at the same time very witty. It has both serious and comedic moments in it which I enjoy and I think overall sets a very balanced tone to the entire show which I cannot wait to share with an audience!
It’s a Mystery… What’s your favorite mystery book/movie/play? I’ve always loved the Sherlock Holmes books and movies. My grandma also used to make me watch a British murder mystery television show called Miss Marple which got me hooked on British murder mysteries. I used to love watching it with her because it’s about this tiny little old lady who is so clever and intelligent, and an incredible detective who I think people in the show underestimate. She’s a powerhouse, no doubt.
Game of Clue? Who/where/with what for a murder? I’d definitely be Ms. Scarlett with the candlestick in the ballroom. It sounds so eerie!

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