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Meet the Cast of Ravenscroft – Catherine Wenschlag is Mrs. Ravenscroft

What is your role in Ravenscroft? I’m playing Mrs. Ravenscroft – head of the household… And don’t you forget it. What is your background in theatre? I’ve been performing for over 30 years now (eek!). I started with St. Albert Children’s Theatre, attended Victoria School, and have done shows for a number of independent theatres […]

Meet the Cast of Ravenscroft – Dan Fessenden is Inspector Ruffing

What is your role in the production? Inspector Ruffing What is your background in theatre? At Walterdale? This is my first production with Walterdale and I’m excited to join the cast! My performance background is largely choral: I’ve sung with the U of A Mixed Chorus, the Richard Eaton Singers. and many others. I started taking classes with […]

Meet the Cast of RAVENSCROFT – Rebecca Bissonnette is Mrs. French

What is your role in Ravenscroft? I’m playing the housekeeper/cook, Mrs. French. For anyone who’s seen Downton Abbey – think Mrs. O’Brien. What is your background in theatre? At Walterdale? This will be my Walterdale debut! My experience in the arts has mainly been of the song/dance variety. I’ve been singing with Spotlight Studios for a few years […]

Meet the Team for Ravenscroft – Janine Waddell Hodder is Fight Choreographer

What is your role on Ravenscroft? Fight Choreographer What is your background in theatre? I am a graduate of Grant MacEwan’s Theatre Arts program, and a certified Actor Combatant with Fight Directors Canada. I’ve done all sorts of fun things at Walterdale. I’ve been on the board, I’ve done sound and light tech, directed, been backstage and […]

Introducing the Cast and Team of W;t

CAST: Vivian Bearing- Mary-Ellen Perley Harvey Kelekian/Mr. Bearing – Dale Wilson Jason Posner- Mark Drelich Susie Monahan – Bethany Hughes E.M. Ashford- Syrell Wilson Ensemble – Sarah Van Tassel, Kingsley Leung, Macalan Boniec-Jedras, and Katelyn Trieu PRODUCTION TEAM: Director – Anne Marie Szucs Assistant Director – Liz Cook Stage Manager – Anglia Redding Production Manager […]

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