Lucky Wench Productions presents Death Comes to Auntie Norma at the 2015 Edmonton Intl. Fringe


dctanSheila is a self-made woman. But what’s she’s made is a little bit kooky! With her hyper-responsible daughter Michelle, flunky son B-Rad and sweet, not too bright daughter Amy, Sheila’s determined to make her American dream of being on Family Feud a reality. Then Auntie Norma comes to stay…

A satire that looks at the American lust for fame and fortune at any cost, Death Comes to Auntie Norma begs the question, why do bad people get rewarded?

Playwright: Zack Siezmagraff
Director: Catherine Wenschlag
Fight Choreography: Janine Hodder
Sound Design: Connor Suart
Poster Design: Jessica Poole

Cast: Emma Houghton, Monica Maddaford, Eric Smith, Catherine Wenschlag, Peg Young and Cody Porter.

Stage Manager: Anglia Redding
ASM/Production Asst: Louise Mallory

Venue #1 Westbury
Saturday 15 @ 10:45
Sunday 16 @ 6:15
Monday 17 @ 4:00
Wednesday 19 @ 12:15
Thursday 20 @ 2:15
Sunday 23 @ 8:00


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