Meet the Cast of A MAN OF NO IMPORTANCE – Lucy Haines is Mrs. Grace

lucy hainesWhat is your role in this production?   I play Mrs. Grace, a devoted member of the St. Imelda’s Players. She thinks she’s the grande dame of the troupe, though I don’t think anyone else sees her that way–definitely not Baldy, the stage manager.

What is your background in theatre? With Walterdale? I’m excited to be in my first show at the Walterdale, though I’ve been in about a dozen productions in Edmonton, Sherwood park and St. Albert over the past ten years. I grew up singing and dancing in Winnipeg and, after many years away from performing to raise my kids and pursue a writing career, it has been wonderful to come back to the stage.

Why did you come out for A MAN OF NO IMPORTANCE? What drew you to it? I didn’t know much about this musical, except that it was by Flaherty and Ahrens, the same duo who created the beautiful music of Ragtime. The music of this show is lyrical and poignant–it’s a joy to sing.  And I’ve wanted to do a show at the Walterdale for
some time, so I’m glad this worked out!

What has been the most fun & most challenging things about being in the show? It’s all fun– good music, good people–I can’t wait to hear the show with our wee orchestra.  The most challenging thing is placing my seat (chair) on the bus. Mine is never straight!

Got any crazy bus stories?  I once spent a month using a Greyhound bus pass, riding across North America.  There are some strange characters who hang out at bus depots. One time, we got dropped off late at night and the depot was shut, so we had to sleep in the bush by the highway along with a few drunk vagabonds– Just another day on the road!

What do you think audiences should see this show? Audiences should see this show for the lovely music, and to enjoy the always timely message of acceptance– you love who you love who you love.

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